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The Benefits of Planning for Your Funeral January 21, 2021

No one likes to think about death, especially their own. And though we don’t usually know when that time will come, we can make advance preparations for our homegoing services. Creating a Funeral Plan will help you lay out clear details for your funeral and how the expenses will be covered. Having this plan in place will benefit you and the loved ones you will leave behind.

If you pass without a clear plan for your funeral, your loved ones will be faced with the task of making your arrangements while dealing with their own grief. Will they know if you want to be buried or cremated? Will they agree on an open or closed casket? Will you open the casket at the beginning or end of the service? Will they agree on how much to spend? Who will preside and deliver the eulogy? These may seem like simple decisions, but confusion and disagreements are common occurrences when there is no plan to follow. And the more people that are involved,the more complicated these decisions can become. You can avoid this by leaving behind a plan. Ease the burden on your family and leave them with the simple task of honoring your final wishes that have been laid out in your funeral plan.

Planning also lets you prepare for the financial expense of your funeral so that it is not passed on to your loved ones. Funerals are already emotionally difficult without the added stress of figuring out how to pay for a proper service. Once you decide on all the details of your homegoing ceremony, you can take the steps to ensure that you have enough money in place to cover the expense. Life insurance, funeral insurance and funeral trusts are financial planning options that you can arrange ahead of time. Taking care of your funeral arrangements is a thoughtful and caring thing to do for your family. It is comforting to know that you have done all you can do to ease their burden. And you can be assured that they will appreciate that your caring for them continued after you are gone.

Thornton’s Funeral Home is here to help you with your Funeral Planning. It is never too early to put your plan in place. Contact us today.