Our Commitments Our Legacy & Our Community

In 1925, the founders of Thornton’s Funeral Home set out to create a business that would service their community with dignity and excellence. That dream resulted in a business with a nearly century-long legacy of quality, compassion-centered service.

As the current owners of Thornton’s Funeral Home, we are committed to honoring that legacy. It is our mission to provide the families we serve with the very best. That is why we are dedicated to continuously improving and advancing Thornton’s Funeral Home in every way.

We are also passionate about continuing our legacy of support to the Jeff Davis/Hazlehurst community. Compassion for its members has long been a driving principle of Thornton’s Funeral Home. We consider it our purpose and pleasure to help our neighbors. We also know that we have a responsibility to be a business that our community can be proud of.

Our Heritage

Thornton’s Funeral Home is in its 98th year of business and 3rd generation of ownership. We’re proud to tell people that our business is family owned and operated and that our roots run deep in the city of Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County. The people of this community are our friends, classmates, and relatives.

At Thornton’s Funeral Home we serve families – not clients or customers. For nearly a century, we have been blessed to assist the members of the Jeff Davis community, our community, during their time of grief. It is a privilege and responsibility that we do not take lightly. We truly believe that our quality and compassionate service is what has allowed us to consistently win the patronage of the numerous families we serve year after year.

We plan to be in business for another 100 years and we know that means we must always provide those that we serve with the very best in quality and service.

Thornton's Funeral Home Legacy

Archie Thornton, Sr

Archie Thornton. Sr., founded Thornton’s Funeral Home with his wife, Willie Mae Hall Thornton and his brother Jack Thornton in 1925 in Hazlehurst, Georgia

Archie "Buck" Thornton jr, Legacy Owner

In 1954, Archie  “Buck” Thornton, Jr. and his siblings Ruth Thornton James and Milton Thornton took over the funeral home. Archie, Jr. as the mortician and Ruth as the funeral director.

Milton Thornton, Legacy Owner

In 1954, In 1954, Milton Thornton and his siblings Archie  “Buck” Thornton, Jr. and Ruth Thornton James took over the funeral home.

Willie Mae Thornton, Founder

Willie Mae Hall Thornton founded Thornton’s Funeral Home  with her husband, Archie Thornton. Sr.,  and his brother Jack Thornton in 1925 in Hazlehurst, Georgia

Ruth Thornton James, Legacy Owner

In 1954, In 1954, Ruth Thornton James and her siblings Archie  “Buck” Thornton, Jr. and Milton Thornton took over the funeral home.

Gerald James Cue, Legacy Owner

In 1994, Geraldine James Cue began her 27-year tenure as the manager of Thornton’s Funeral Home

In 1925, Archie Thornton, Sr., his wife, Willie Mae Hall Thornton, and his brother, Jack, established Thornton’s Funeral Home in Hazlehurst, Georgia. Archie, Sr. managed the family funeral home after Jack’s departure until his death in 1954. At that time, the funeral home business was taken over by Archie, Sr.’s eldest son, Archie “Buck” Thornton, Jr., and his daughter, Ruth Thornton James. Ruth was the funeral director and Archie, Jr. was the mortician. Milton Thornton, the youngest son of Archie Sr., also worked alongside his siblings.

Geraldine James Cue, Ruth Thornton James’ daughter, returned to Hazlehurst after Ruth passed away in 1994 to assist Archie Thornton, Jr. and Milton Thornton in managing Thornton’s Funeral Home until Archie Jr. passed away in 1997.

After Milton’s death in 2013, Geraldine managed the family funeral home with the assistance of her brother Alonzo James. Geraldine ran Thornton’s Funeral Home after Alonzo passed away in 2014 and did so faithfully until her death in 2021.

One of Jeff Davis County’s oldest businesses, Thornton’s Funeral Home, is now being maintained by Milton Thornton’s children, Sonja Renee Thornton Hall, Eric K. Thornton, and Sharon Thornton.
Thornton’s Funeral Home has a long established reputation for being a leader in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and operating with the highest integrity. Renee, Sharon and Eric are committed to carrying on that legacy as Thornton’s Funeral Home continues to proudly serve the families of Jeff Davis and surrounding counties.

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