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Memorial Service

Memorial ServiceA memorial service differs from a funeral service in that the body is not present. A memorial service is usually held after the deceased is buried and there is no viewing or wake. However, if the deceased was cremated, the urn containing the cremated ashes can be present during the memorial service.

Some families hold memorial services as a way to memorialize their loved ones, while others view memorial services as celebration of life events where family and friends of the deceased can gather in remembrance, share memories, and support each other in grief.

The beauty of memorial services is that they do not have to occur within a certain time frame following a death. They can occur a day after interment or inurnment, a year later, or whenever. The remains are not at the center of this service, only the precious memory of the deceased.

Thornton’s Funeral Home is happy to help you plan a special service for your loved one.